About us

HeatMaster was founded with the goal of shaking up the market of home heating and protect the consumers from the unregulated prices driving up the market. Our mission is to meet the market demands and surpass them using our experience and professional approach. We offer an array of quality high performance products, in affordable prices for every home, by removing costly alternatives like oil, gas and electricity, while adding to your home interior design and decoration with modern and traditional options, able to fit in and adapt in every room.

You may choose any option from energy efficient fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces, plated woodstoves or plain, with the ability to connect them to a water heater, thus providing your home with the comfort and convenience of a constant supply of hot water with cost efficient means.

Insulation has been proven to be non-existent in the Cyprus construction industry, especially in housing. Our extreme climate conditions, scorching hot summers and penetrating cold winters, make home climate control a necessity, and without a cost efficient solution, the annual expenses for this necessity can climb up to unaffordable heights. Most housing facilities lack the specifications for post-dated installations of heat insulation materials, or their overall cost for the installation are too high. The economically sound alternative is to turn to other modern and efficient options like the energy efficient fireplaces and woodstoves provided by our company.

HeatMaster imports its products directly from the factory, excluding any middlemen, preserving that way its low import cost allowing us to provide you with competitive prices, for quality products. We aim to provide high standard customer service, and it is within that notion that we give you a flexibility of delivery and installment options. You may choose to take the full package or opt for a part of it – the hearth or fireplace, smokestacks, transportation, installation – providing you with the option to complete any of these with an alternative of your choosing, decreasing the overall cost further.

Buying an energy efficient fireplace or a woodstove should not be consider a reaction to a difficult financial period, rather as a significant home or professional investment, that will pay off for years to come. It is not an impulsive buy, but a decision to be researched throughout. There are parameters to be considered, like the location of the installation within the building, the area you are looking to be affected as well as the building itself and its specifications.

The type of fireplace, its combustion style and its energy efficiency are the 3 most important factors to be considered prior to the purchase. Appearance can be customized later on as part of the installation process.

In relation to a traditional type of fireplace, where its heat energy efficiency will reach around 15%, a new model of energy efficient fireplace or a modern woodstove can bring massive increase on heating efficiency, up to 70-85%. That is over 5 times the output compared to products that are in fact much more expensive to purchase than any of the products you can find on our website or our store location.

HeatMaster has set the bar high, and aims to provide the Cypriot market with the most competitive prices on energy efficient fireplaces and woodstoves. We invest in our customers and seek to build relationships that will last and avoid a common transaction policy. Securing the customer’s satisfaction is our end goal.

Within that state of mind we developed our policy of providing constant service, and will be available to showcase our products on weekends and on demand outside normal working hours.